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G-PET 1.75 mm (1000 g)

G-PET 1.75 mm (1000 g)
G-PET 1.75 mm (1000 g)
G-PET 1.75 mm (1000 g)
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Bruttó 16 619 Ft
Nincs raktáron
A vásárlás után járó pontok: 332 Ft
The G-PET (PETG) filament adapts to most of the printers on the market that use FFF and FDM technology.
Treed G-PET is a modified PET based copolymer to obtain an exceptional filament that encloses the characteristics of strength and resistance equal to an ABS and the high stability, therefore the absence of deformation, typical of the PLA.

Feature not to be underestimated of G-PET is to be odorless throughout the printing process. It adapts well to post-print finishes to obtain a shiny artifact with a natural color.

Available in 5 colours: white, black, light blue, ruby red and transparent.

General print recommendations:
To obtain unique and excellent results, we recommend to pre-dry the filament at 65 º C for at least 3 hours. For reels of 1 kg increase the drying time.
During printing do not leave the filament stationary inside the nozzle for more than 20 minutes. Follow the printer’s own instructions.
1,35 kg/db