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Ntc 100 K termisztor
Ntc 100 K termisztor
Bruttó 750 Ft

Ntc 100 K termisztor

Ntc 100 K termisztor
Ntc 100 K termisztor
Ntc 100 K termisztor
Külföldi raktárról 3-10 munkanapon belül raktáron
Bruttó 750 Ft
A vásárlás után járó pontok: 15 Ft
"Pluggable aircraft nose NTC100K thermistor
In response to the reaction of the 3D printer factory, the heating tube is designed to be inconvenient to replace, with aircraft plug-in wiring, stable wiring, convenient replacement, no need to dismantle the machine, humanized design, and the heating head can be simply removed and replaced when it is damaged.
Product description: bus length 103cm
Advantage: Compared with other similar products on the market
①Use white high temperature resistant Teflon wire, with high temperature resistance of more than 200 degrees
②For the convenience of customers, the Teflon line adopts the parallel line, and the customer can tear it up and use it according to their needs.
③The Teflon wire is twice as thick as the ones on the market, and it is not easy to break when used."
10 g/db